You get it on one device but you use it on another.

Leap the GAP

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What's 'Leaper'?

Leaper is a revolutionary personal transfer/messaging app that creates a private network from your devices. Quickly and intuitively move files from across devices, services, and platforms with Leaper’s streamlined 3-step file transfer.

Other modes of file transfer are clunky, requiring app selection to send, followed by manual saving/downloading from the destination device. Leaper maximizes both efficiency and security by instantly transferring files directly from one registered device to any other using SSL/TLS encryption.

Quickly and securely send text, links, and files between your devices both locally and remotely.

Leaper allows users to create personal networks from their devices (smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.) and instantly send messages and transfer files between them.

Its streamlined interface resembles familiar instant messaging platforms but displays the user's registered devices instead of an inbox or contact list.


Device to Device Transfer


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Transfer anything between your devices

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Lock it with sender's ID and Unlock it with receiver's ID

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Mark your message to remember last visited location